Xmas gift ideas for the wellness junkie in your life

Boy oh boy do I love Christmas and the holiday season. I love being in the Yukon for Xmas and decorating the tree, the house and playing corny Xmas music for all of December (not everyone loves that music in my house haha.. too bad). I love doing puzzles, going tobogganing and baking cookies. December is just a good month. January on the other hand.. Yessh that’s a long dark month we’re talking about lol (we’ll talk about January in January).

I just love that in December if feels more quiet, more slow and a good time to hang with family, friends and take it easy and enjoy the holidays.

How about you? Do you love the holiday season?

As we roll into the holidays, maybe you are doing a little Xmas gift shopping for those close to you. We don’t go overboard at Christmas, but we usually get each other a little something! Do you have any wellness enthusiasts in the family? If so, I wanted to share some fun suggestions for gift ideas that they may love!  Of course I’m probably missing a million things, but maybe a couple of these will give you some inspiration ?

Here are some of my faves and what I love!


What a fantastic little techie gadget to get ya motivated, monitoring your steps, heart rate, goals and so much more! I love love my fit bit ?


Kind of an expensive gift idea but still a fantastic idea. You can get a one person or two person sauna! Saunas are amazing for aiding in detoxification of our largest organ (ahem.. The skin). They can help us detoxify our body of chemicals and heavy metals which is great for our neurological health and overall health. There are some pretty nice 2nd hand saunas out there too (that’s how I got mine).

Be sure to go for an infrared sauna if possible as they are fantastic for detoxifying the body deeply with heat.

Vitamix blender

Oh gurrrrrl, life changes after you get a Vitamix I kid you not. Did you read that blog post I wrote a while back about how my life almost fell apart when my Vitamix broke? (over exaggerating a bit? Probably) But you get the idea. Here’s that Post.

These blenders are amazing and high quality and they’re great for blending up nuts, smoothies, grains and even soups! They are definitely an investment and sometimes they can make a great group gift – definitely check out the refurbished almost like new Vitamix blenders. They’re cheaper but like brand new.

Super Peeler

The best veggie peeler around – nuff said, it’s amazing.. Perhaps a weird xmas gift, but if your friend or family member enjoys cooking, they will enjoy this 7$  veggie peeler. It’s a time saver and it rocks!

S’well water bottle

These water bottles keep water cold or hot for up to 24 hours. I used mine while travelling in sweltering humid Bali and my water was always ice cold. I don’t know how many times I dropped this bottle and it’s still in great shape! Ditch the plastic water bottles and try a re usable bottle ?

Coolest journals

I really like the soft cover notebooks from Coles – here’s an example of a cute one.

Great cookbooks

My go to cookbooks these days are the UNDIET cookbook by Meghan Telpner, Joyous Health by Joy McCarthy and Oh She Glows Everyday by Angela Liddon.

Check them out! ?

Awesome self growth books

This list could be very very long, but I will share a few that are fabulous reads!

  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert,
  • You are a Badass by Jen Sincero and of course anything by
  • Ekhart Tolle (life changing stuff right there)
  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson,
  • How to Live a Good Life by Jonathan Fields,
  • Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
  • The War of Art and Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield.
  • Any and all books by Daniel LaPorte (ugh my heart.. they’re all sooooo good) Eg. The Desire Map, Fire Starter Sessions, White Hot Truth. 


Yummy cacao powder, maca powder, organic nuts and seeds and so much more! Oh baby if I could order all of these super foods in one box to my door, that would be make life easier. Well actually, you almost can!

You can bulk order these fantastic organic foods from Organic Matters in BC. Your wellness junkie family member will be super jazzed ?

Gift certificate for massage

Destressing and therapeutic, I think everyone could benefit from a massage.

Last but not least:

Special mala necklaces

with amazing stones from Tiny Devotions. I bought one for my B day 3 years ago and I’m in love with it to this day.

I hope today’s blog post gave you some ideas to consider when you’re pondering what to buy your loved ones for christmas. There are definitely some wellness gems throughout my list!

At the end of the day the holiday season is less about “things” and more about time together, so let’s not forget that.. But hey if you want to buy someone a gift at least you have some valuable high quality wellness related choices!

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If you could have one of these gifts, which one would be your first pick?

Keeping it cozy this winter,