As a Functional Nutritionist and Culinary Nutrition Expert, I like to bring a fun, educational component to my workshops along with the culinary side. Most of my workshops have a large education piece combined with small food demonstration. I get everyone involved if they want to be!



Approx 1-2 hours in length


Local to the Whitehorse, Yukon area and surrounding communities. as well as British Columbia (Kootney region). 

What's included?

Interactive talk, handouts and snack/food example

“Jill’s approach to nutrition and healthy living is holistic. She gives simple and clear recommendations to increase your health by taking small, manageable steps. Jill has presented to athletes in our organization multiple times and each time they learn something new and take home recipes for healthier versions of their favourite treats!” 

Brettanie Deal-Porter
Program Director, Special Olympics Yukon

The Burnout Repair Workshop

For all the women burning the candle at both ends this workshop is for you. If you’re feeling stressed and exhausted and maybe you’ve even got some brain fog bothering you, this workshop is for you. We’ll explore self care, reducing stress and increasing energy using whole foods, lifestyle and general supplementation.

You’ll receive an action plan to help you moonwalk your way from burnout and fried to badass and energized.

Creating POOPtastic Digestion Workshop
If you’ve battled with bloating and tummy troubles then this workshop is for you. This workshop dives into all things digestion and how it’s integral to our overall health. We explore potential causes for specific GI issues eg. bloating, diarrhea, constipation, IBS and some simple remedies and dietary changes that can be implemented to support digestion today.
Detoxification 101 Workshop

Welcome to the world of detoxification. Are you ready to give your body a helping hand in the area of detox? Our world isn’t what it used to be and our body has a LOT to deal with and detoxify on a daily basis. What if we can help it to do its job better? The result: more energy, better digestion, whiter eyes, stronger teeth, glowing skin and a positive outlook. Let’s explore detoxification and all that it has to offer using simple additions to our diet and lifestyle.

Get ready to be hooked on the wonderful world of detoxification!  

Health Hacks for Busy Women on the Go

Learn how to de-stress, nourish your body and create healthy habits even when you’re a busy woman on the go. Taking care of yourself is more important than ever especially when you’re feeling stressed. In this workshop we’ll explore how to bring healthy eating into your day to day routine, some healthy snack options, de-stressing hacks and strategies to help you move your body and eat well so that you can feel your best. PLUS you will get an amazing recipe package full of healthy delicious recipes! Beat busy and bring on the calm! 

Customizable workshops available

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“I attended a three-part nutrition workshop put on by Jill. I appreciated her practical approach to making small changes for big results. It motivated me to work on drinking more water which is something I’ve struggled with for my whole life.” 


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