There are many different ways to take care of your health and wellness. Some people may call them strategies, routines or hacks. I think that the topic that I want to talk about today is definitely in the category of wicked health hack!

Let’s dive in!

Why I wear blue light glasses

We need sleep. Most people don’t sleep enough or don’t have high quality sleep. Without sleep, we don’t last long. Our brain function gets fuzzy, our moods crash, our energy plummets and our immune system gets its ass kicked. Without sleep, our health will suffer and our stress hormones surge and we won’t feel our best.

Okay enough of the scary talk..

Sleep is essential

Sleep is essential for a ton of reasons. Mainly, it gives our body that 7-9 hours to rest, repair, regenerate and work on its deep house cleaning. During the day our body is busy digesting food, functioning, performing and the evening is when its crucial for these important processes to occur. Even our brain needs to reboot and work through its thoughts and file them accordingly and during sleep is when all of this needs to happen.

The body loves routine

That is one thing that our body truly loves. A consistent routine. If we can wake at the same time each day, eat at the same time, use the loo at the same time and head to bed at the same time, our body learns that schedule and grows accustomed to it.

Blue light

These days most people are on the go a lot and may not have the most consistent evening routine. Can you relate? You have dinner and unwind in the evening by watching TV or scrolling through your phone or computer until 11 pm before you realize its time to head to bed? And perhaps you don’t fall asleep easily or stay asleep? Blue light is wildly prevalent these days and is consistently around us. Back in the cave man days we relied on the sunshine and perhaps a fire to give us light. These days blue light is stimulating our brain and affecting our melatonin production which in turn can affect our circadian rhythm (the body’s inner clock) and our sleep.

Lower the blue light

If we can cut down on the blue light, that can be a game changer for our sleep. ENTER the fancy cool blue light blocking glasses. I’ve been wearing an ugly pair of blue light blocking glasses for years and although they weren’t sexy they were a game changer for when I used the computer (hello eyestrain) and when I watched TV before bed. Recently I bought a pair of Swannies from Swanwick Sleep and I LOVE them. I LOVE them enough to do a video and write a post about them…  so I must be seriously pumped about them right!

They are higher quality then my previous pair, prettier (haha), and they work like a charm. They have darker amber lenses and make even more of a difference then my previous pair of evening blue light glasses. You can even wear them during the day for computer use or as sunglasses if you so choose.
Grab a pair over HERE and see how your sleep improves! They’ll cost you about $100 CDN including shipping and all that fun stuff.

I won’t go anywhere without them, and I also wear a pair of blue light blocking glasses (that have clear lenses) during the day too that I got from my optometrist. I actually cannot stand looking at a computer screen with out them. (I don’t know how people function without them).

Watch my video below to learn about why I wear them and why you should too!

Tips to improve YOUR sleep

Here are some KEY tips to work on improving your sleep pronto:

  1. Create a consistent sleep routine (set an alarm cut off time to go to bed)
  2. Avoid intense exercise and meals 2 hours before bed
  3. WEAR BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING GLASSES! (1-2 hours before bed)
  4. Do something relaxing during the evening (reading, warm bath)
  5. Limit your stress exposure during the evening (violent TV, bad news, negative media)
  6. Try drinking a relaxing tulsi tea or chamomile tea
  7. Dim the lights and turn on candles or salt lamp
  8. Try essential oils (choose the natural high quality kinds!)
  9. Journal or brain dump your thoughts before bed if your head is full of chatter
  10. Keep your bedroom dark, cool and only for sleep (no TV!)

I hope today’s blog helps you to improve your sleep going forward. I think that gradually forming an evening routine is a fantastic start and definitely consider trying some blue light blocking glasses! You won’t ever go back to life without them I bet!

Let me know – do you sleep well? Have you tried blue light blocking glasses?

Cheers to sleeping like a queen!