I hear this question often online. Friends asking their friends on Facebook or people sharing support and words of encouragement to their friends who may be venting about feeling so dang tired. Heck I have talked about it with my friends as well. We live in a busy go-go society so I think this issue comes up often.

So you may be asking yourself. “Why am I so damn tired” What gives?

Maybe you eat an “ok” diet, yeah maybe your stress is a bit high. Maybe you stay up a bit late watching Netflix or scrolling through good o’le FB or IG (You know who you are.. I’m guilty too). Or maybe you’ve been tired for so long and you’ve gone to your doctor and you had routine blood work done and yet everything came back normal.

So perhaps you’ve resigned yourself to thinking “Well maybe this is just part of getting older.. and this is how it’s always going to be.”

I beg to differ! If you notice your energy is on a downward spiral and you don’t feel as good as you used to, this is a sign that we need to dig in and explore what factors in the body may need some support.

I encourage you to dig in, explore your health and don’t accept feeling tired and blah as your new normal.

Let’s create all day energy naturally!

Check out today’s episode of “Coffee Talk – Why am I so damn tired” for more info!


Episode Recap:

  • Fatigue is a downstream symptom – dig in, look upstream and work with a health professional
  • Do an in depth health assessment and look at your full health snapshot
  • Consider factors such as stress, diet, sleep routine, deficiencies, thyroid health, adrenal health
  • Look at your diet and notice your intake of stimulants vs. whole foods.
  • Focus on consistent eating vs. inconsistent meals and blood sugar crashes
  • TIPS: Work with your body’s schedule and eat, sleep, exercise at the same time daily. Focus on lowering stress on your body, get routine blood work done and see how your health is looking from the inside out!
  • Read my stress busting hacks blog HERE
  • Keep in mind toxicities, chemical exposure, infections and look deeper
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I hope you enjoyed today’s video and if you’d like to watch my FREE Fatigue Repair Kickstart Workshop you can do so HERE.

Cheers to saying adios to fatigue and hello to more natural energy,