Are food cravings driving you batty?

Do you beat yourself up about it and wish you “just had more will power”?

Maybe you’re reaching for that afternoon coffee, sweet treat or you’re snacking on chips, wine, chocolate etc.. late into the night? And then your energy tanks and you’re feeling exhausted and craving more sugar, sweets, caffeine etc? (Energy and cravings are oddly connected!)

Can you relate? 

Or maybe you find that when you’re stressed out or feeling PMS’y you totally want chocolate. Give. me. all. the chocolate.

I hear that, and I’ve been there too. It’s annoying and it doesn’t have much to do with will power. Will power is fleeting. Our resolve and “will power” is higher in the morning and fades throughout the day as we get tired and our stress increases.

In today’s video I dive into:

  • Why you may be experiencing cravings (some of the main culprits behind why cravings show up!)
  • What your body might be trying to tell you via cravings
  • Why it doesn’t have much all to do with will power (so quit beating yourself up!)
  • How you can set your day up for success to manage cravings in a positive way so that you have all day energy
  • Tips on what you can do when a craving hits!

Check out today’s video to learn more!

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Cheers to wild energy,