I needed a mini trip.

I needed to get out of town.

A mini holiday was calling my name.

I completed my last day of work at my full time job on Friday. What better way to celebrate then by taking a mini vacay?

My little town that I live in is a great place but sometimes it can be so energizing and invigorating to get out of town for a couple days and reset yourself.

I had not been away from home in over 8 months (except 1 camping trip 1 hour away), so I felt like I needed to get a fresh perspective and take a little break. This summer has been busy, full and non stop (especially with our new puppy who is the energizer bunny!).

How often did you get away from home this summer? Did you plan any trips or mini vacays? With friends and family or did you travel solo?

I would call my trip a mini vacation. I drove to Alaska on a solo girl trip (as in, I was the only girl on this trip..cuz that’s how I roll hehe!) I enjoyed my 4 hour drive to Haines, AK and I spent 2 days there in a new comfy hotel.  This is what I did while I was there (instead of the usual fishing trip, that I used to venture to Alaska for):

  • I relaxed, relaxed, relaxed;
  • hiked and toured around;
  • went out and ate the local food;
  • read books, tried to not work (but ahem… I worked a bit);
  • stared at the awesome ocean and explored the huge forests (while hoping to not run into a grizzly bear);
  • slept in (sort of);
  • caught up on my podcasts;
  • wrote and journaled;
  • spent time just enjoying my own company and my thoughts, (and coming up with some fun creative ideas for the future);
  • enjoyed just being present and doing NOTHING (and feeling good about it). ?


I returned home yesterday and I was SO happy that I went on that mini trip. It was a nearby location, but far enough away to feel like I really got away for a bit. A vacation doesn’t have to be a major trip or far distance travelled. It can be close to home. Heck it can be anywhere you want it, just try to get away if you can once in awhile. I truly feel that a fresh perspective and new scenery is super uplifting and energizing. ?

My hubby held down the fort nicely while I was away and now I am returning the favour this week when he heads to Alberta for 4 days (for work and to also take a mini break and sleep in!).

It is widely known that taking vacations have many health benefits, and going on a mini holiday, even just 2 days long and not far away, has tremendous benefits as well.

Benefits of taking a mini vacay (solo too!):

  • it will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged;
  • it can give you a fresh perspective and renewed enthusiasm or vigor;
  • change in scenery does the body and mind good (hello ocean breeze!);
  • being solo and with your thoughts can be boring and sometimes boring is just what you need! Having some space and time is relaxing and opens the door for some quality thoughts/epiphanies to show up;
  • travelling solo also helps to increase confidence which is always a good thing!
  • a mini vacation can reduce stress (and thereby can reduce stress hormones which contribute to weight gain);
  • relaxation can help to reduce blood pressure as well as increase serontonin (happy neurotransmitter).

What mini vacays do you have in mind this winter? Comment and let me know! ?

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Still feeling pumped about my little trip,