What is Functional Nutrition?


No one size fits all

Functional Nutrition is not a one size fits all approach. It’s not about calories or fat grams or following the Canada Food Guide recommendations. It’s an approach that looks at each person as a unique individual with unique dietary and lifestyle needs. We explore your diet, your medications, your supplements and the whole picture. 


Considers all aspects of health

A Functional Nutritionist will take into consideration all aspects of a person’s health – eg. stress levels, diet, family history, health symptoms. As a Functional Nutritionist, we look upstream and try to determine root issues when someone has a health concern.


Poop talk + Balancing the body

We’ll talk about your stress levels, what you eat, how a typical day looks for you, what your health goals are and of course we’ll talk about poop. Yes we do talk about everything. 😉

A Functional Nutritionist doesn’t diagnose or treat disease, rather we try to help clients bring their body back into balance by supporting their health using whole foods, supplementation, savy lab testing and lifestyle changes.



We get nerdy with science

Functional Nutrition incorporates science and lab results analysis when working with clients. We review lab results from your MD’s and ND’s as well as dig into functional lab testing where needed. We TEST rather than GUESS. We work in a collaboration with your doctor or naturopath to help you reach your health goals. Some testing includes hair mineral analysis, hormone testing and gut health testing. These tests are not used as diagnosis, but as a helpful guide to add to your wellness program. 

Wherever you are at in your wellness journey, I can meet you there and help guide you towards your optimal health. We’ll build a healthy lifestyle one step at a time!


Wellness programs tailored to each client

Functional Nutrition uses natural foods, whole foods and smart supplementation along with lifestyle tweaks in order to help clients prevent disease, improve current health issues and thrive going forward. I create personalized wellness programs tailored to each client and I can help with issues such as fatigue, digestive issues and hormonal trouble.s Many health concerns can be linked to our diet and lifestyle and functional nutrition looks upstream and focuses on those key areas.

Heres a few ways I can help you:

Workshops Available

Nutrition and healthy living education workshops available
(in person and online options available)

The Wild Energy Deep Dive

Explore the Wild Energy Deep Dive Program. A 4 month program tailored to your specific goals and needs. 

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