Hey there!

I wanted to create this quick video to share what’s in my bag for my trip to AUS. Aside from the usual mundane things like clothes, shoes, hair brush blah blah etc.. I am going to share with you some greener cleaner options that I am taking with me for skincare, make up, dental care and supplements.. And my hope is that it will give you some good ideas for healthy upgrades you can make next time you’re buying products or packing for your travels. 🙂

I think we all love to see behind the scenes type videos, (I know I do!) so I hope you enjoy today’s video. Click on the pic below to watch the 9 min video! PS: I am a grub filming this video in my hotel room.. but I guess this is real life.. right?


Upgrade your products gradually:

It can be expensive and overwhelming to feel like you need to run out and buy all new greener, cleaner products. You don’t. How about the next time you run out of mascara or face cream, just try to buy a greener less toxic product. Use EWG’s website to check the toxicity rating of your products as well! Focus on upgrading and replacing products as you go along, no need for overwhelm!


Our skin is permeable:

What we put on our body eg. sunscreen, lotion, eye make up all gets absorbed into our skin. Our skin is our largest detoxification organ and the less of a toxic load on the body we create, the better. Today’s conventional personal care products are loaded with nasty chemicals which then get rubbed onto our skin and absorbed into our blood stream and gradually detoxified by our body (lots of work for the poor o’le bod to detoxify constantly!). Let’s ease the detoxification burden on our body and choose greener products 🙂


That’s it! I hope this has helped to give you ideas for your next trip or even just your next trip to the store to choose healthier and more natural self care products.

Trust me, your body will thank you! 😉

Let me know – what are your KEY items that you bring on your travels with you?

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Cheers to healthy travels,

Jill Kay,
Functional Nutritionist