Hi there,

Earlier this Year I was on a hike (close to town) and ran into a mamma black bear and baby up on a hill… (Of course I was totally alone on a trail, with no bear spray because it was still Spring and close to town so I figured I was ok.. ) and boy did I get a scare. I experienced fight or flight mode quickly!

Racing heart, fear, jittery.. and I felt that way for about an hour afterwards.

This wasn’t my first bear encounter and it went fine luckily (mommy bear didn’t chase me down for lunch or to defend her cub), but I did notice how jittery and jumpy my nervous system felt right after or even days afterwards (eg. I would hear a crack in the woods.. and was like “OMG what was that sound!?)

You may be wondering – What does running into a bear and fatigue have in common?

They can both be connected to our stress response and stress hormones, which in turn can affect our energy.

Are you under chronic low grade stress? Are you dealing with low energy?

In today’s video you’ll learn:

  • How the body’s natural stress response works (fight or flight mode)
  • How stress impacts our energy levels
  • How running into a bear and chronic low grade stress both take a toll on our energy
  • What you can do about it!

Check out today’s video to learn more!

I hope you enjoyed today’s video!

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Cheers to wild energy (and fewer wild bear encounters .. just saying),