Warming foods to heat you up this winter

 Alas winter is here.

The mornings are dark and the evenings are dark.

Dark dark dark.

We do have sunny beautiful days that’s for sure, but it’s a very small window of time to get our buns outside to take advantage! Do you feel like you’re chasing the sun during the day? Personally I know that if I don’t get out for a walk before 2:30pm in November, that sunshine is going to be saying adios and heading behind the mountains very quickly (come back!!!)

So, my winter warrior friends, we must power through the dark months of the year and try to thrive this winter. Perhaps you’d like some warming foods to heat you up and make these winter months a bit more toasty and enjoyable!

Foods can have a warming effect and a cooling effect on the body and it’s great to try and eat with the seasons. Eg. warming foods as the weather cools down e.g more complex carbohydrates, whole grains, healthy fats and proteins Vs raw veggies and big cold salads in the winter.

Here are some suggestions to try out

Warming smoothie

I know that a smoothie is a tasty quick breakfast option during the warmer months, but when winter hits, I can bet that most of us don’t really want an icy cold smoothie first thing in the AM when it’s dark out and -30C.

What about a warming smoothie? Waaaat! Yes those exist and here is a tasty recipe to try out ?

Tips: Thaw out your frozen berries the night before, use warm water in your smoothie and add warming ingredients eg. ginger, cinnamon


Soups are a fantastic way to get a ton of veggies into our meals and already have them cooked down, soft and easier to digest. So many soups can be made quickly and in a blender (my kinda style!)

Here is one of my fave soup recipes that I make often and it will be sure to keep you warm this season. Try out this 10 spice soup recipe by Angela Liddon.

Hot elixirs

I have a crush on elixirs and I’m proud of it ?

If you follow me on social media, you probably know by now that I love a nice warm elixir. Basically it’s a warm drink with tons of healthy ingredients. Instead of grabbing a cuppa joe in the morning or having a smoothie each day, try mixing things up with a delicious nutrient dense elixir.

Often packed with healthy fats and superfoods such as cacao, matcha green tea, turmeric, maca, reishi mushrooms… lawd are these elixirs setting the bar high for warm tasty drinks.

Here’s a fantastic blog by Meghan Telpner that gives you a bunch of recipes to try out!

Roasted veggies

Sometimes eating veggies can get a bit boring eg. another cold salad, boiled carrots, or steamed cauliflower (yawn…)

Why not heat up this season with a dynamic dish like roasted veggies covered in delicious herbs. Yum.. I made this dish for Thanksgiving and it was a hit. Grab the recipe here 

Herbs & spices

What can I say about herbs and spices.

They are amazing we should add them to everything. Breaky, lunch and dinner.

They add wonderful health benefits along with delicious and divine flavours to various dishes. Try mixing them up or adding cinnamon to your next smoothie. Try a turmeric latte and fresh oregano in your next spaghetti dish.

I can’t say enough about these nutrition powerhouses. Herbs and spices can help to warm us up, and support our health.

Tip: Always choose non-irradiated organic types that smell great!

Alright my winter warriors, that’s my post for today.

I hope that you give some of my suggestions a try and warm yourself up this season.

Let me know, what foods do you love to make during the winter to help you feel grounded and warm?

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Staying warm and drinking my elixir like a boss,