Today I’m sharing travel tips to help you feel awesome while you’re away. If you haven’t already watched part 1 of my little travel series about “what’s in my bag for my trip” check it out HERE.

So today we’re digging into travel tips –  You know how when you travel, it can be SUCH a long day or two, you can feel dehydrated, tired, grumpy, jet lagged and digestion can take a sh*t (haha see what I did there). At times I can get headaches and just feel a bit “zonked” from sitting in a dry airplane for hours. Not fun. No thanks!

No worries, I’ve got ya covered – check out my video where I share some tips from food, lifestyle to supplementation that can help you to feel awesome while you’re away. From digestion support, to sleep, to energy, these tips will help you to feel like YOU while you’re on the road or er.. in the sky!

Click the video below to watch the short n’ sweet clip!
(Ps: I find it funny when you get goofy looking screen shots from a video hey?) 😛



  • Keep up with your usual routine from back home
  • Hydrate your body
  • Get grounded
  • Get out in nature to align yourself
  • Get natural sunshine and regulate your circadian rhythm
  • Eat as clean as possible
  • Take your supplements eg. bitters, magnesium for BM’s
  • Sort out your poop (with key supplements and foods)
  • Sleep like a queen
  • Move your body

Here is another blog that you may find helpful – How to stay healthy while travelling

My goal is to feel like myself once I land in my destination. These tips definitely expedite that process 🙂

I hope you enjoy! Let me know, what travel strategies do you implement when you’re heading on a trip?

Chat soon!


Jill Kay,
Functional Nutritionist