It’s been an intense week with the current affairs and Corona virus pandemic affecting most of us around the world.

What I’ve been hearing from many people is that they’re feeling stressed out and anxious and a lot more worried lately. There is definitely a collective stress that most of us can feel.

And with stress comes its annoying friend anxiety. That feeling of a racing mind, racing heart, feeling incessantly worried, inability to relax or sleep well among other things.

The key is to start tackling our stress levels right now and bring in some strategies to help lower stress, calm the mind and feel resilient and confident during these times of great stress and unknowns.

This week I’ve shared several posts which include a bunch of TIPS that you can use ASAP to help reduce stress and anxiety – Check them out over on my Instagram page.

I’ve also created a video with an action plan for axing your anxiety during times of stress.

Watch that video below 🙂

And let me know – how are you doing during these tumultuous times? Do you need support?

As a reminder I work 100% online, so I am still able to work with all of my clients and I would be happy to help you. If you’d like to work on lowering your stress and supporting your body – feel free to book a free discovery call to get started.

I hope you enjoy today’s video and feel calm and confident!