When it comes to creating more energy and transforming health, I think that a lot of us focus on what new habits and changes we can add into our routine. 

But what if instead, we focused on creating more simplicity and exploring what we can subtract in order to have more energy?

What can we remove from your diet, lifestyle, and habits that will quickly provide positive results and make room for more positive health choices?

That’s what we’re exploring today. 🙂 

Subtraction = More Energy?

Maybe this is a bit of the DON’T DO list if you want more energy quickly 🙂 

In today’s video, I’ll teach you:

  • Why subtraction is more beneficial than addition when it comes to your energy + health
  • Why we’re constantly confused and overwhelmed with all the health advice and contradictory noise on the web
  • What foods you could remove in order to quickly notice changes
  • What lifestyle habits you could drop and have more energy within days
  • What routines + mindset shifts you could make right NOW in order to have more energy asap.

Check out today’s video to learn more!

As always, if you’d like to ditch your fatigue and get to the root issue so that you can have more energy, more calm and more resiliency, then feel free to book a strategy call with me today to get started 🙂 

Cheers to wild energy,