The thing I loved about working with Jill was that she is really down to earth in her approach. If one of her suggestions doesn’t work she is keen to find alternate solutions. What a great experience!! 

~Lindsay S

Jill helped remind me of the value in slowing down and being mindful of my own bodily responses to stress. She presented her wealth of knowledge with care and attention, and I will return to her again as a result. This woman knows her stuff.

Jill has helped me making small changes that significantly affected my quality of life for the best. My energy is much better and I have gained much better control over my cravings without ever feeling frustrated.

Jill has been a tremendous support to helping me get on the right track. I remember one day in particular when I wasn’t in a good mood and I was totally going to go on a sugar binge. However, I had a scheduled call with Jill first and as a result of our chat, I went home and prepared healthy food and stayed off sugar for 6 weeks! I was so proud of myself and so grateful that we had that talk. There are so many ways you can get support from her: articles in her Blog, recipe ideas, phone calls, in person meetings, a week long challenge…the list goes on. Jill is knowledgeable, and strives to help you achieve your goals. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Jill.

I attended a three-part nutrition workshop put on by Jill. I appreciated her practical approach to making small changes for big results. It motivated me to work on drinking more water which is something I’ve struggled with for my whole life.
~Lynn P

My sessions with Jill helped me to move past an idealistic ‘all or nothing’ view of healthful nutrition; I experienced the benefits of making small changes that I’ve stuck with and enjoyed learning along the way how certain foods aid various systems in the body and can even help to alleviate common symptoms that so many of us experience

I loved my program/sessions with Jill. I gained so much knowledge about how to improve specific systems in my body to have it functioning properly as a whole. She definitely gives you all the tools, recommendations, suggestions that allow you to make small everyday changes that lead to an overall healthier body and mind. I really enjoyed my program with Jill, and will definitely be continuing to see her!

I very much enjoyed working with Jill. She set up an amazing program that was easy but specific to my needs. I’ve started the journey of fixing 20+ years of bad eating habits and am working toward optimal health. I enjoyed most that all aspects of my life were incorporated into my program. Diet, Mindfulness, and exercise. The recipes that were given to me were awesome and I still enjoy them. Overall I am Extremely happy with the program and Jill!!  Thank you so much for Everything!!!
~Jen B

You’re advice has been extremely helpful and very much appreciated. You make me want to help myself!!
~Carrie L

Jill has been a huge help in tackling my digestive problems. She worked with me to form an inclusive approach for lasting change. I could not have done it without her support and guidance!
~Kelly P

I attended Jill’s seminar back in May 2015, and I couldn’t be more satisfied.  Jill is very knowledgeable, polite and presents information in a way that all can understand. Very light and personable.  She was non-judgmental, very inviting for someone like myself who is quite shy and nervous about my dietary conditions/goals. I highly recommend everyone to work with this woman! She’ll get you where you want to be!

I really like your entire approach. I like the online interactions, blogs, Facebook page, and the different sessions that you offer.

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