My Top 6 Health Philosophies

1. Start Where You Are

I believe in starting where you are and that the best time to get started is right NOW. We can begin to improve our health and wellness with small incremental changes.

Let’s start with one simple change today eg. drinking more water and go from there. One day you will look back and realize how far you have come and how much your health has transformed without feeling like a drastic lifestyle change. Just start where you are and start now. 🙂

2. Keep it simple 

When it comes to healthy eating I believe that the fundamentals rule and that is where we should start.

Eg. Eat real food. Drink more water. Sleep 7-9 hours daily. Breath deeply. Move our bodies. Listen to what our body is telling us.

Don’t want a fancy gym membership and all the gear? Don’t worry about it. Let’s keep it simple and go for a walk or find a type of exercise that you enjoy. I believe in the path of least resistance and consistency is what we’re after. Simple is best.

“Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.”

– J. Stanford

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

-Arthur Ashe

3. 80/20 Approach

The name of the game is moderation and I take an 80/20 approach, meaning I am happy if I eat really well and wholesome foods 80% of the time with room for moderation 20% of the time, eg: for the popcorn with my movie or high quality chocolate at the end of the day or that special birthday cake with my family.

Yes every gal needs to have her chocolate! I won’t take that away from you!

I don’t believe in restriction or rules or calorie counting. #boring. I have clients focus on practicing moderation, listening to their body and choosing healthier options whenever possible including healthier treats!

4. Listen to Your Body

I really believe the more that we tune into our body, the better off we are. I emphasize intuitive eating and learning to listen to what our body is telling us.

Eg. How do you feel when you skip a meal? How do you feel when you eat dairy or have a sugary snack vs a balanced snack?

Overtime I have not only increased my mind/body connection, but I have helped my clients to learn how to tune in and listen to what their body is telling them. This has a big impact on what we choose to eat, when we eat and our overall health.

5. Have Fun – It’s a Lifestyle

Ain’t nobody got time for a strict stuffy diet. I’m in the business to help people build a lifestyle that works for them and helps them to feel their optimal and best. We are making changes gradually and we’re building a lifestyle one day at a time – let’s enjoy the journey!

"Yes, every gal needs to have her chocolate! I won’t take that away from you!"

6. Plant-iful Eating

I believe in eating real food. Food that comes without health claims or food labels. Food with very few ingredients, tons of nourishment and which can often be found on the perimeter of the grocery store or at a farmers market.

I’m a plant pusher I admit it! I believe in eating all the colours of the rainbow and filling our plates up with plenty of wonderful veggies and fruits. These foods provide the life force that our body needs in order to operate at its optimal level. I work with clients to bring more plantiful eating into their diets (especially organic!).

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