It’s March already… wow!

I hope you enjoyed your February. It really warmed up where I am and a ton of the snow melted so it started to look a lot like spring (except spring won’t hit for awhile!). Sure enough it is back to being cold out and I am kind of glad that we got another dump of snow so that it looks like winter again and it matches the temps ?

So what’s all this about reducing sugar cravings you ask? Well I’ve been thinking about it and noticing things in my own life. I have noticed that I have a lot more control over my cravings as I continue to try different strategies with food and stress reduction etc.

Today I want to share with you a wonderful  recipe or you can consider it a “trick” or strategy that can help YOU to beat your sugar cravings!

First off, there is a lot that we can do besides this one strategy so i’ll mention a few other ideas so I don’t look like a lazy booger.

Some questions you may ask yourself pre or post sugar binge?

“Why do I crave sugar so much ahhhh?!”

“How did I let that happen?”

“Why don’t I have any self control or willpower? Arghhh!” (beat self up some more)

“I can’t believe I ate the whole box of cookies…that got out of hand fast…”

Don’t worry and no need to beat yourself up ! I’ve been there too ?

Here are some potential reason why we crave and binge on sugary foods:

  • Imbalanced blood sugar levels (Blood sugar roller coaster will lead to more cravings)
  • Inadequate nourishment! (Eat the colours from the rainbow my friends, or your body will crave things!) (I’m talking about veggies and fruits, not skittles ? )  
  • You didn’t eat enough throughout the day (Balanced + consistent meals are oh so important)
  • Gut dysbiosis, or a.k.a gut bacteria imbalance (That’s a whole nother blog!)
  • Imbalance of macronutrients in your meals (We need protein, fat and good quality carbs in our meals in order to support our blood sugar levels, energy and cravings)
  • You ate sugar and now you want more (Pretty typical as sugar is highly addictive – who can stop eating cookies after having just ONE? Not me!)
  • You’re skinny on the fat (THAT is what we’re going to TACKLE today) ?

I have been consciously trying to add more “healthy” fats into my meals for the last little while and I’ve noticed a reduction in my food cravings especially the SUGA! I know that if I don’t eat balanced meals throughout the day, there is a good chance that I will be a ravenous sugar craving monster by late afternoon (can you relate?)

So… since adding more healthy fats into my meals ex: (coconut oil, hemp seeds, nuts/seeds, nut butters, olive oil, avocados, fish) I’m feeling great! Cravings are WAY better and I feel like me and sugar can be buddies (sort of).

One thing that I have recently fallen in love with is my style of ELIXIRS. These guys are a mix or a concoction of nourishing ingredients (super foods, herbs, healthy fats etc) often blended up with hot water, hot dairy free milk or hot tea. They can contain healthy fats and protein ex: hemp hearts, coconut oil.

I’ve been having them as a hot breakfast drink regularly or as a snack and pick me up bevie later in the day. They have been a GAME CHANGER in regards to my energy and cravings throughout the day.

So, I challenge you to:

  • Add some healthy fats to each of your meals daily and see how you feel!


  • Try out a delicious elixir recipe and see what you think. Meghan Telpner has a great post digging into tasty elixirs too. Check that out HERE

Let me know: Do you have sugar cravings? How do you deal with them? What do you find works?

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Here is my fave cocao elixir recipe!

Till next time,

Keeping it healthy