Today we’re diving into Micro Commitments.

What are they?

Something I thought up one day when I realized that all my little daily commitments and habits really were the foundation for my health. More on that coming up.

I wrote about micro commitments on IG a while ago – Check out my previous post on Instagram HERE. 

I recently came up with the term micro commitments because I think this is the thing people don’t think about when it comes to health and wellness and good healthy habits.

It’s not about the special diet you go on short term or the gym program you start and then quit because you’re too dang tired or you’re just not a fan of the gym (that’s ok btw! I’ve done it all too).

Change happens with the tiny everyday mundane things that we sometimes think don’t matter. These little guys DO MATTER. They are where good health starts in my opinion. They are the foundation!

Can you take inventory of the positive little things you’re CURRENTLY doing for your health?


Our daily habits will either build our health or breakdown our health.

“How we live our day is how we live our lives”

Small changes do add up and snowball to create big health changes. If you can start bringing in small gradual healthy habits that become your new normal, your health will benefit. 

Let’s ditch the giant health changes that we start and quit within a week cough cough.. New Year’s Resolutions and let’s move towards small daily commitments. These micro commitments turn into habits and create an up levelled lifestyle. 

Micro commitments aren’t super sexy, heck they’re kind of boring, but they build the foundation. They are there for you when you’re stressed, busy, or having a hell of a week. You will fall back on these small consistent commitments that you make daily. 

Here are some examples of micro commitments you can start bringing into your daily life:

  • Drink 2 cups of room temp water with a squeeze of fresh lemon first thing in the morning to detox your body
  • Try to drink 8-10 cups filtered water daily
  • Start your day with a healthy breakfast with protein/fat/fibre ideally 20g of protein
  • Instead of that 2nd cup of coffee, try herbal tea or green tea
  • Go for a walk on your coffee break, lunch break or breaks throughout the day – try to move your body 30 min each day consistently (rain or shine)
  • Try to get into nature daily sans your phone (even 5 minutes is great)
  • Take 5 deep breaths 5 times a day
  • Do nothing for a few minutes throughout the day. Stop. Breath. Be still. Think. Build space into your day which will lower stress and boost your mindfulness and moods!
  • Get to bed by 10:30 pm and try to do something relaxing before bed like read a good book, journal or have a bath with essential oils.


Boom! There you go! Those things don’t sound that hard do they? They’re not even very exciting! LOL Yet most people don’t bother to do them.

These micro commitments are key! If you’re having a bad day or a stressful day, but you lean back onto your micro commitments to nourish your body, drink your water, take deep breaths and go into nature, you will handle stress and a busy day in a healthier way which makes you more resilient the next time something comes up vs. melting down, getting grumpy and reaching for sugary food or junk food to boost your energy or make you feel better. We’re building resilience and good habits for the long term – ya feel me!?

That’s the thing though. These seemingly small habits and commitments will make the difference from a tired stressful day compared to feeling energized, happy and balanced. These small little commitments add up.

From there, we add more small commitments and things snowball. 

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and let me know – what are your daily micro commitments?

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Have a great week,