When it comes to stress and fatigue our cortisol levels are a big player. 

Depending on if we’re in a high cortisol state or a low cortisol state we can feel very differently. 

How do you know if your cortisol is high or low? 

What does your body tell you? 

Today we are diving into some of the signs and symptoms that we may feel if we’re in a high or low cortisol state and how we can support our body depending on what state we’re in!

Check out today’s video to learn:

  • Some of the signs of low vs high cortisol.
  • How cortisol affects the body and its ideal daily pattern.
  • The relationship between cortisol, your adrenals, stress and energy levels.
  • How the DUTCH test can give us amazing insight into how your stress levels, energy levels and cortisol may be looking.
  • What you can start doing today to support your cortisol levels so that you have more badass energy!

Watch the video below 🙂


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