When was your last trip?  Did you take an airplane?

Have you found that you feel like crap during or after flying on an airplane and end up getting sick soon after your travels?

Some of the worst colds I have gotten were the ones I picked up while travelling by airplane. I would get home and then I’d be slammed with a bad cold that would take me down for a couple weeks. Not fun.

As you may know, airplanes have very low humidity, which can dry out our sinus membranes and they have some recirculate air so they can be a great place to catch germies and leave us feeling overall pretty crappy.

I recently travelled for about 1.5 days all the way to Bali last week. That was quite the milk run of flights! 4 flights and 36 hours in airports or on airplanes definitely left me feeling a bit spacey and tired. I’m happy to be here in Bali now with my feet in the sand. (Well, earlier they were!)

Speaking of Bali – Here’s a mini Bali Update:

Bali is pretty wild.

The town I was first at for a few days (Kuta) is beautiful mixed with busy, squished streets and bustling people. Kuta is a popular beach town so there are tons of tourists and things to do. You can see the old temples all over the place mixed in with new buildings and the markets.

The alleyways smell of lit incense and there are daily offerings  (Canang Sari) that the Balinese people offer to their God (Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa) in praise and prayer, which are all throughout the city in stores, restaurants and on sidewalks. Quite an interesting and pretty thing to see!

(daily offerings in the above picture)

More to come regarding Bali as I go along!

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I will try and share some of my travels! ?

Before leaving for my travels, I started researching and paying more attention on how to travel healthy and stay healthy while on the road. Nobody likes feeling like a bloated and tired hot mess after a long trip and I wanted to make sure I felt my best!

Today I am going to list a few things you can do to travel healthier, prevent sickness and bounce back from jet lag quickly.

Travelling Healthy:


  • Make and bring a few snacks for healthier options: Homemade trail mix and a couple healthier version of snack bars go a long way and are much better compared to the salty trail mix at the airport stores
  • Buy some fresh fruit if you can: They contain plenty of fibre and are high in water content which will help with hydration and reduce inflammation/bloating
  • Bring a reusable water bottle: Fill er up after you’re through security and drink a pile of water while traveling, as the airplane will dehydrate you big time! (this will help to reduce inflammation and bloating)
  • Sanitize: A little sanitizer for the hands and your airplane seat area will go a long way. Try to wash your hands often while traveling – it will lower your chances of picking up a bug significantly!
  • Walk around the airport: Move your body between multiple flight connections. Get that blood flowing from your toes upwards. This will help move the lymphatic system and keep circulation strong
  • Beat free radicals:  Air travel can actually produce free radicals (ionizing radiation exposure) in our body – so its important to get your antioxidants in. examples: leafy greens, dark and colourful fruit
  • Get grounded ASAP: Once you reach your destination, get your bare feet onto the earth (grass, sand etc.). Grounding helps to give your body electrons which have an antioxidant affect from the earth and have been known to help with inflammation and overall immune system health
  • Eat healthy on the go:  Choose light meals with plenty of veggies (who the heck wants to feel bloated and uncomfortable while stuck on an airplane?)

Supplements to Consider:


  • High quality probiotic that does not need to be refrigerated: Probiotics can help a ton with your immune system and gut health/balance when you travel (may even help you avoid stomach ailments while on the road)
  • Magnesium Citrate: A lot of people experience digestive sluggishness while travelling. Get some Mg in you to help get the bowels moving again and relax your muscles!

Beat Jet Lag:


  • Consider trying a tiny bit of melatonin for short term use (if you are travelling through several time zones) – take it when its time to go to bed (at your new location) – it can help to regulate your sleep cycle faster

*(Bali is 16 hours ahead of Yukon so I took a bit of melatonin during the Bali evenings and it helped me with Jet lag faster then compared to when I visited Thailand in 2008 – my sleep cycle was screwed up for over 10 days in Thailand!

How to Stay Healthy During  Your Trip:


Remember once you are at your destination; try to create a regular routine for yourself. Try to exercise daily and get a mini kitchen at your place so that you can prep food if you can for some of your meals (saves on money, your health and the waistline as eating from restaurants or buffets isn’t always the most nourishing and can leave us feeling heavy, tired and over fed).

I hope you found this little blog helpful for your next trip! Tell me, do you have any other travelling strategies or tips that you practice before, during or after a trip? Let me know! 

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Cheers from Bali,