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In today’s video you’ll learn how the toxins in your life and environment could be messing with your energy and contributing to your fatigue…. and what you can do about it pronto to help!

In today’s video you’ll learn:

  • The connection of your liver and your energy – Why does it matter?
  • What sneaky halogens steal the receptor spots for your iodine and how that connects to thyroid health and overall energy
  • How chemicals and toxins mess with your hormones and also zap your energy in indirect ways and how that can actually show up as downstream symptoms
  • How stress lowers our energy and shows up in many different forms (not just emotional)
  • How there’s not only junk food that steals your energy but other junk such as junky lights and EMF’s can do the same
  • Key strategies that you can implement pronto using diet, lifestyle and health hacks to help you detoxify your body for more energy.

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