In today’s video you’ll learn how using your intuition can help you to avoid and overcome burnout.

In today’s video we discuss:

  • How you can tune into how food is making you feel and if it is stealing your energy or giving you more energy
  • How exercise is affecting your energy. Are you sedentary most the time or over exercising, both options can zap your energy
  • How you can tune into your sleep routine and sleep quality for more energy
  • Do you take supplements and do you know if they’re working? What have you noticed?
  • How to tune into life stressors. What types of things stress you out and how does your stress manifest? How do you feel if you’re heading towards burnout? Knowing thyself is essential to straightening that intuition muscle.

We dive into these questions and much more!

Watch the video below 🙂

Let me know – Do you use your intuition when it comes to your energy and stress levels?

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