Are you ready to go green with your weed killer?
I don’t know about you, but I get super excited when summertime hits. Sunny days, warm weather, family BBQ’s and then I start to notice something….

THE WEEDS. OH THE WEEDS! They’re everywhere!!

As soon as it warms up, the dandelions and weeds start poking up faster than you can keep up. It’s a testament to how resilient some weeds are to their environment. Eg. Dandelions will grow through a concrete sidewalk. This is a reason why dandelion tea and tinctures are amazing for our health such as liver support. They are strong powerful plants.

Read more about dandelions and their benefit HERE.

Okay so we know that weeds are very resilient and some even have health benefits, but it doesn’t mean that we want them surrounding our house, on our lawn and all over the place right?

Over the years I have tried many different approaches to controlling weeds around our house. I used to pull them out all by hand (and I still pull many of them by hand), but I got tired of that quickly and it can feel like a never ending job. I have tried conventional weed killer spray with some success, but I really didn’t want to use a ton of harsh chemicals on the environment and my yard. I have tried some hippy natural spray Eg. Just vinegar and it did NOTHING, so that was a fun waste of my time! 😉

A little while back I received an easy to make fairly natural recipe that has worked like a charm over the last couple of years. I am going to share it with you today along with a couple tips to help you sort out your weeds for good this summer!

Let’s dive into it!


  • 5L White Vinegar
  • 1 ¼ cup table salt or epsom salt
  • 10 tsp or 50ml of Blue Dawn soap (has to be blue dawn brand)

Mix it up and put it in a large spray dispenser.

greener weed killer

greener weed killer

TIP: Spraying weeds with a junky dispenser is no fun. Your back can hurt and the little dispenser often clogs up. Try this dispenser, I bought one off amazon and it was a game changer!

Who knew that finding such a good weed killer and weed sprayer could be so exciting in our thirties. Haha

Welcome to adulting (in a greener way)! 😉

Hey at least we are doing our part for the environment and our health while also having our yard look pretty spiffy 🙂


Better for the environment:

By going green, we’re skipping the hundreds if not thousands of chemicals that we would otherwise be spraying all over our yard and into the soil and water system. It’s better for the bugs, the bees, the pets and the environment to avoid the conventional stuff!

Ditching the chemicals:

Many pesticide/herbicide products include roundup which contains glyphosate. This stuff is NO GOOD and has been found to have large effects on human health including autoimmune diseases like celiac as well as other autoimmune diseases along with hormonal disruption.

It’s toxic stuff and most conventional foods are sprayed with some form of herbicide that may include glyphosate. Going organic is wise and try to avoid this herbicide the best you can!

Read a bit more info about that HERE.

Less of a toxic load on your body:

The other great benefit of going greener with your weed killer is that you are lowering the toxic load on YOUR body. Your body has to detox all the chemicals, perfumes and other products coming onto or into your body, so the more that we can do to lower your chemical intake, the more your liver and body will thank you!

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog!

Let me know, have you tried this recipe before or what do you use to control the weeds during the summer?

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Cheers to killing those weeds in a greener way!