Who doesn’t love some good health and wellness gift ideas for that special person in our life?

This mini Xmas list may also give you ideas for things that you’d like to invest in for yourself as well!

Some of these things I have used and love and some of them I dream of investing in someday soon.

Keep in mind, the biggest gift we can give to ourselves is to take good care of our health. Same goes with our loved ones. These gift ideas will help you to do just that. I like to focus on quality over quantity so this list is short and sweet 🙂 

I hope you have an awesome Xmas and holiday season and enjoy my gift ideas for the wellness enthusiast in your life!



gift ideas for the wellness enthusiast in your life

  • I love smart sweets as they’re a good treat alternative. They’re super low in sugar and crazy high in fibre! Grab some here
  • Gifts cards to healthy cafes or restaurants
  • Food ordering subscription – If you’re in a big city there are some awesome food companies that will deliver high quality food to your door
  • Genuine Health Greens Powder – a nice addition to your diet to top things up with plenty of greens. I’m a big fan of Genuine health greens powder going into my smoothie lately!
  • Protein powder – From plant based to collagen I use both. I like Genuine Health fermented protein powder as well as Great Lakes Collagen (great to add either one to a smoothie or the collagen powder goes well mixed into a hot drink)
  • Gift certificate for high quality supplements at a health food store or online (I use Fullscript for myself and my clients)



gift ideas for the wellness enthusiast in your life

  • Epsom salt and essential oils – for a nice warm bath will help to relax muscles and lower stress.  I LOVE a relaxing bath with DoTerra oils and Epsom salt plus my beeswax candles (they produce way more light than most candles.. It’s kind of crazy)
  • Dry brush – Great way to detox your lymphatic system and skin, brush from toes to chest in a circular motion before you hop in the shower
  • Oura ringThis ring is game changer sleep hacking device. I just got one recently and I love it. You can find coupon codes online for 50-60$ off, it’s an investment, but well worth it if you want to know all the info on your sleep quality, beats per minute and even your stress levels. Pretty cool stuff!
  • Swanwick blue blocker glasses – Wear them anytime, but especially during the evening to lower blue light exposure and help you sleep like a queen
  • SAD LAMP – Essential if you’re living in the North. This light can help you regulate your body’s clock and boost energy during the long cold dark winter
  • Heartmath – Cool health hacking device (I’d like to get this as well) to measure your heart rate variability so you can start improving it. HRV is very tied to stress levels and if our body is living in rest n’digest mode or fight or flight mode. You can learn how to lower stress, lower anxiety and actually measure your progress based on your HRV. Check it out.



gift ideas for the wellness enthusiast in your life

  • Beautycounter – Try cleaner and less toxic beauty care products like Beautycounter which ditch the common chemicals and hormone disruptors found in your mainstream makeup and skincare products. They’re worth investing in if you want to support your hormone health and overall health!
  • DoTerra oils – I love me some good high quality essential oils. From first aid care to skincare, to cleaning your home, to reducing anxiety, essential oils have a ton of uses and a ton of health benefits. Give them a try and replace some of your day to day products with essential oils!
  • Gift certificate for a massage – Nothing better than a relaxing massage for someone who’s dealing with sore muscles and/or stress!
  • Massage roller balls – You can find these on amazon and they’re great for rolling out sore muscles!
  • Yoga Subscription – I love Glo app for yoga, you can do yoga from home anytime!
  • Red light JOOVV – This is on my dream list. Red lights have a myriad of health benefits ranging from supporting skin health, muscles, immune system, energy etc.. check out these lights!



gift ideas for the wellness enthusiast in your life

  • Blender – As ya’ll know I am a big fan of my Vitamix blender. From blending up soups to smoothies this blender can do it all. You can buy refurbished like new blenders for half the price on their website 🙂 That’s what I did! They are totally worth the investment and their warranty and support is superior!
  • Food mixer – I love Kitchen aid food mixer. It’s high quality and worth the investment
  • Special Mugs/Cups – I love buying local pottery cups, sometimes it’s so nice to have a few special cups or dishes compared to having a ton that you could do without. 
  • High quality mattress – I made a big investment this year (I keep saying it was the best thing I did in 2019). I bought myself a new bed for my Bday in April. I invested in a more eco friendly and crazy comfortable Carico mattress that doesn’t off gas, sag and it actually has silver antibacterial threading on it and EMF grounding hook up (it blocks EMF’s!). I sleep so good in my bed, 7 months later and I still talk about it. Definitely an investment but my friend Whitney is a Carico rep and offers great deals, payment plans and the bed usually lasts 15-20 years! 🙂



gift ideas for the wellness enthusiast in your life

The best investment you can make is investing in your health. If yourself or a loved one would like to reach some goals in 2020 or transform in a positive and powerful way, consider getting some support and coaching depending on what you need Eg. Nutrition support,  life coaching, personal trainer etc! 

I hope you found my mini Xmas list helpful! 

Let me know – what items are on your WISH LIST?

Are you ready to take your health to the next level?

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Cheers to a healthy, happy Xmas and holidays!