Have you ever felt a bit shaky?

Perhaps you skipped lunch or didn’t eat enough food, or perhaps you drank too much coffee, not enough water, or maybe your stress is high and you felt it.

Feeling shaky is no joke and it can definitely be a hindrance.

I have a friend, who if she does not eat consistently or within a certain time frame will actually get quite shaky and lightheaded. I myself don’t get too shaky when I miss meals, but I will get irritable (erm.. hangry), spacey and a headache will soon show up. But if I were to drink coffee, well then the shakiness would be rampant I tell ya!

One of the common reasons behind feeling shaky and lightheaded (besides earthquakes) is LOW BLOOD SUGAR. This is what I’ll be helping you with today.

Most of the food that we eat is broken down into smaller absorbable molecules called glucose which is the fuel for our body and brain. If we consume extremely quick to digest sugars (white breads, sugary snacks, pops etc) our body will quickly convert these foods into glucose which will increase our blood sugar.

As quickly as these foods are broken down and absorbed, they also cause a drop in our blood sugar fairly fast. Additionally, if we haven’t eaten for a while, our blood sugar may take a nosedive. The goal is to keep our blood sugar balanced with the right foods at the right times.

It’s time to kick those processed sugary foods to the curb and ground yourself with these foods + tips!

Healthy fats:

Healthy fats such as avocado, flax, hemp hearts, nuts + seeds are a fantastic snack to include in our day. They can help to balance our energy levels and slow down digestion and blood sugar fluctuation. Not to mention, the fact that we need healthy fats for our skin health, brain function and happy  hormones!

Also consider trying fats such as coconut oil which can really help to increase energy and balance blood sugar. Cooking with it or adding a TBSP to a smoothie can go a long way.


Including fibre rich meals in our diet is integral to balancing our blood sugar and keeping us grounded and balanced. Fibre adds bulk to our foods and keeps the colon clean and functioning well. Fruit and veggies come with fibre built right in! You will also find fibre in foods such as whole grains, legumes and basically anything that is plant based. You can bet that you will get a nice amount of fibre when you eat whole foods (avoid the refined white processed foods).

Remember: Fibre rich foods help to slow our digestion, balance blood sugar and keep us feeling full longer!

Limit the sugary drinks:

Consider ditching the pop and sugary drinks, as they’re bringing nothing to the table in regards to nutrients. They kick up our blood sugar and then causes a drop while also increasing acidity in our body, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Consider fruit infused water or give Kombucha a try!


Reduce coffee intake and try swapping for herbal teas (or tea lattes.. yumm..) and/or water. Coffee tends to kick our blood sugar up and stimulate our nervous system which can take a toll on our adrenals especially if we’re stressed and fatigued. We want to feel grounded and chill like a cucumber right? Coffee won’t help us with that. ?


Mix your macro nutrients together in order to keep that blood sugar balanced and happy. Ex: Eat a protein with fat and fibre (Apple with nuts/seeds, veggies with hummus). This will help to slow digestion, balance blood sugar levels and keep those low blood sugar symptoms at bay. Also, If you find that your blood sugar is sensitive, be sure to eat consistently throughout the day and have a snack or meal every 3-4 hours. *And definitely dig deeper if needed (with your Doctor and/or Naturopath).

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog!

Feeling grounded and good,