So on the last blog, we dived into part uno of spring cleaning!

Part 1 was all about spring cleaning your skincare routine. Check it out here if you didn’t peruse it last time.

This week we are getting down and dirty and talking about home cleaning products!

First, let me say – I am not perfect! My home cleaning products are still a mix of natural and conventional products. As always this is a process and I am excited to be giving my home cleaning products a ‘healthy’ face lift too! I hope you join me! ?

So, wait, why should you bother swapping out your products?

Let’s just consider for a sec the types of cleaning products that we typically use …

Ex: Window cleaner and sink cleaner (ahem.. windex), bathroom/kitchen multi purpose cleaner, bathroom toilet bowl cleaner, floor wash and polisher, wipes or spray to wash kitchen appliances and ovens, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, dish soap, oven cleaner and the list goes on!

Not to mention all those disinfectant wipes, sprays (lysol) and those plug in smelly things that burn your nostrils (glade plugins!)
I assume that I am missing products, but I think on average a lot of folks tend to use similar products?

And for the longest time I was just using them and not thinking anything of it ..until I started learning more and more about health and wellness and the effects of all these chemicals on our body. Yesshh.. Not great.

As you  may know a lot of them are full of nasty chemicals which do our health no good..

According to my research as well as Alisa Vitti, HHC Founder and CEO of Flo living – research has shown: “that everyday chemicals found in our cleaning products are bio-accumulative and are very toxic which means that once in your system, they stay in your system and allow for increased free radical damage, which makes you more vulnerable to autoimmune diseases and cancers”.

Alissa Vitti suggests to consider throwing out the home cleaning products you currently use -ex bleach, comet, ajax, windex, lysol, febreeze, glade plug-ins, scrubbing bubbles etc.. – that is a lot of products don’t you think?

DEW TIP: Do as you can, and replace them with greener products either one at a time or all at once.. Just work towards getting rid of these products ?

Consider trying more natural products such as :

Seventh generation
(cleaning products found at grocery stores, health food stores)

BonAmi or Arm and Hammer baking powder in place of Ajax or Comet

Hydrogen Peroxide in place of windex

White vinegar instead of bleach (plus it’s a grease cutter for tile cleaning)

Do YOU have a go – to natural cleaning recipe that you use?

Let me know in the comments!

And don’t forget you can search EWG’s database as well to see how some of these products rate in terms of toxicity levels.

Now for a DIY natural cleaning mixture if you are interested in trying to make your own ?

Since I live in Yukon and some of you may not – check out your health stores for their cleaning product options as well. I found some great gems in my town at Aroma Borealis as well as Farmer Robert’s store. ?

By moving towards all natural products, this will take a pile of work off your liver which is often overburdened detoxifying the body constantly.

Your body will thank you!

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Keeping it realistic n’ holistic,

Jill Kayxo-4