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I finally got the guts and did a quick video for my blog. A first of many perhaps!

Today’s Video: How I bust stress and how you can too. I want to show you some stress busting hacks that you can implement today.

Let’s crush that stress quickly before it increases. 😉

Stress Busting Tips! from Jill Kay – DEW on Vimeo.

Stats: Stress has an inverse relationship to happiness – the more stressed that we are, the less happy we are. 🙁


Stress can affect the health of our gut bacteria. A giant portion of our immune system lives in our gut – we need to keep it healthy, so that our immune system, digestion and overall well being are supported. 

When we’re stressed out, we need more whole foods, vitamin B rich foods, and we need to keep our blood sugar balanced. (PSST: Ditch the coffee, sugars and donuts when you’re stressed) and balanced your blood sugar!

I like to make my fave fat BOMBS when I am feeling stressed and experience sugar cravings. They are rich in fat and protein which balances my blood sugar, plus they’re naturally sweetened and include plenty of cacao because that is what I crave when I’m feeling stressed out. (And it’s rich in muscle relaxing Magnesium!)
Grab the recipe here and give it a try! 

And there you have it, a handful of easy to implement stress busting hacks and a quick recipe to get you from frazzled pants to cool as a cucumber! *Definitely watch my short video above if you haven’t yet! 

Remember: Start bringing in awareness of how you’re feeling and how your stress manifests.  Stress isn’t worth the damage it causes to our health – let’s keep it low and process it the best we can!

Try out some of my tips from today’s video and see how you feel. 

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