I was pondering this topic a while ago and decided to do a video about it. 

Why do we do the things we do? The healthy things and the not so healthy things eg. exercise, yoga vs. chocolate and snackies!

I think it’s for how they make us FEEL.

I do the yoga, eat the healthy food, decorate my house with the salt lamps in my house not for how it makes me look, but rather for how it makes me feel. I do the things for how they make me feel. Calm. Energized. Happy. 

Sometimes I stress eat the chocolate for how it makes me feel too LOL! (Let me know if you can relate)

What are those things for you that make you feel the way you want to feel?

Are those things good  for your health long term or not so good?

If we can uncover the things that not only make us feel good, but are good for us long term, now we’ve found the magic. 

More energy, less stress and more calm. 

Do more of what is good for you and makes you feel good.

In today’s video I dive into:

  • The importance of figuring out what your things are
  • Why we need to do more of those things 
  • What things we need to avoid (the choices that feel great short term, but don’t have long term benefits)
  • How finding the bright spots is key 
  • The areas that we need to avoid when it comes to habits (some things that will zap your energy and not be so great long term)

Check out today’s video to learn more!


Cheers to wild energy,

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