Hey friends!

How is your week going?

Mine has been pretty good. Life is busy with summer time in full swing. My pets keep me busy along with the usual life routine. I am an avid animal lover as you may already know! ?

So, why is my message today about feeling twitchy?

Do you ever get an eye twitch or muscle twitch? (Or like that hitchhiker fella from the movie “Something About Mary”) Do you know who I am talking about? ?

How about muscle cramps? Do you ever point your toes like a ballerina and they completely cramp up (oh wow that hurts!). Anyway all of these issues can tie into a lack of Magnesium my friends!

People are often concerned about a lack of Calcium in their diets (not to mention the milk industry’s promotion) but in reality most people are deficient in Magnesium! And we cannot absorb Calcium as well without our friend Magnesium. A nice ratio is 2:1 for Calcium to Magnesium consumption.

Reasons why Magnesium is important:

  1. Is considered the “anti stress” mineral;
  2. Is a natural tranquilizer, as it helps to relax the skeletal muscles as well as the smooth muscles of blood vessels and the GI tract;
  3. Has a positive effect on the heart and is important in preventing coronary artery spasms (a cause of heart attacks);
  4. Helps to prevent kidney stones;
  5. Is used for the treatment of PMS;
  6. Helps to lower high blood pressure;
  7. Helps reduce water retention;
  8. Helps alleviate constipation;
  9. Helps reduce fatigue, bad nerves, insomnia and even depression.

Excellent Magnesium sources are dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds and legumes. Other good sources are whole grains such as whole wheat, millet and brown rice and avocados and seafood. (And of course don’t forget cacao, which is the unrefined version of cocoa!).

I hope that you enjoyed today’s little blog and learned something new about Magnesium!

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Cheers to non twitchy muscles,