Are you trapped in the stimulation and sedation cycle? What does that even mean you might be wondering?

Maybe you need that cup of coffee to get your day started, or you feel restless and wired at night and you need a cup of wine and chocolate to relax.

Can you relate?

This is the cycle in which many folks get stuck in. The key is to get out of it and balance your energy so that you can feel great and not require foods/drinks/stimulants to wake you up or sedate you each morning and evening.

Check out my video to learn more!


Key Tips:

  • Cut down on your sugar intake and focus on balanced meals,
  • Cultivate a healthy sleep routine (relaxation, blue blocking glasses)
  • Manage your stress like a boss (this is key)
  • Try relaxing Holy basil tea at night 
  • Dig deeper, let’s look at your stress and hormone health using a health assessment and DUTCH test if needed.

I hope you enjoyed today’s vlog and got some good actionable tips you can implement right away!

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Cheers to feeling balanced and energized,