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Functional Nutritionist

Jill Kay

It’s my goal to help outdoorsy women beat burnout so that they can feel more energized, calm and back to the weekend adventures that feed their soul

We probably have quite a lot in common…

I’ve dealt with burnout, headaches, digestive issues and energy issues from a very young age, and so I know what it’s like to not feel your best. It wasn’t until I discovered Holistic and Functional Nutrition that all the pieces fell into place and I started to feel better. This is why I love to work with clients to help them upgrade their diet and lifestyle so that they can transform their health and feel their best!

Here’s A few ways I can help you:

Testing Packages Available

Curious about your gut issues, energy issues or hormones? I have testing packages available eg. DUTCH & GI Map. 


From in person to online workshops, there’s plenty to explore!

Wild Energy Deep Dive

Explore the Wild Energy Deep Dive.
A 4 month program tailored to your specific goals and needs.

Random Fun Facts

If I’m not working at Down to Earth Wellness, you will find me hanging with friends or my furry pets (Garvey, Moose and Louie), going hiking, getting cozy at home and planning or daydreaming of another travel adventure).

  • Jill Kay is the name I go by online – Kay stands for Klaver which is my middle name. It’s dutch and stands for clover!
  • I speak french – “Oui oui…”
  • I love imitating and doing accents #cantstop..
  • So far I’ve been to: the USA, Costa Rica, Panama, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, Chile and Australia
  • I would love to visit: Europe (especially the Netherlands), Peru, Australia (again!), Fiji and Belize.
  • I like change and adventure and dreaming of the next plan… but not too much adventure because I’m an introvert and freak out! Lol
  • I grew up on an elk farm down on a river (isolated farm kid!). Besides all the wild animals coming to visit, we had elk, horses, chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats, and guinea pigs 😉

I am here to help and guide you on your wellness journey.

Now that you’ve gotten to know me a little bit better, I’d love to learn about you as well! I have transformed my health over the years and I continue to evolve as I go. I love helping people to build a healthy lifestyle and go from feeling burnt out to feeling energized and back to adventure.

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to book a free discovery session below.

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