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You may find that you notice an increase in energy during the Summer with all this added sunlight and warmth (especially if you’re living up north with 19 hours of daylight a day am I right?). Or perhaps you’re still feeling fatigued, it all depends on the person.

I want to help you to optimize your energy this Summer and going into the Fall season!

I’ve created a new quick video! Coffee Talk: 4 Easy energy hacks that will help you to have more energy during the Summer

In todays video you’ll learn:

  • 4 Easy energy hacks that you can use to have more energy during the Summer
  • How the Summer is unique when it comes to our energy levels and tips around it (eg. An abundance of light!)
  • One key thing that you can do first thing in the morning to elevate and balance your energy for the day
  • A simple food that you can add to your water to nourish your adrenals for more energy

Watch today’s video below!

I hope you enjoyed today’s video!

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