It’s September already, can you believe it? Fall hits us early up north and the leaves have been changing since August (tear…) I do LOVE fall season though, mostly because it’s darker at night and also windy, warm and crisp outside.

The mountains and forests change from green to orange, yellow and red and I cannot stop staring at them on my walks! I grew up on my family’s elk farm out in the country and the elk-breeding season began in the fall, so we would often hear elk singing and bugaling to each other. It was amazing to hear that every day before heading off to school!

Well now that I have sauntered down memory lane a bit, let’s get down to business!

I imagine that most of you find the summer a busy and fun time. We often have loads of activities on the go, plans with friends/family, sports, BBQ’s and the list goes on. By the time summertime is over we can end up feeling fairly burnt out and stressed. Some of my friends have said that they are excited about the coming fall, winter and hibernation time as they are feeling somewhat burnt out too.

That is why today we are going to look at 16 different ways to unwind, de-stress and re-center yourself. As the Game of Thrones famous line goes “winter is coming” ? And so with that in mind, we need to bring on the zen!

Easy ways that you can de-stress:

  1. Have a bath, throw in some Epson salt and essential oils (amazing!);
  2. Meditate for JUST 10 minutes each day (check out headspace);
  3. Journal daily for 5 minutes! (5 minutes a day makes a big difference);
  4. Practice mindful breathing (count your breaths 1-10, three times);
  5. Work on your mindset shift. Stop and ask yourself what 3 things are you grateful for today? (Actually get into detail and make those 3 things very specific);
  6. Book yourself a relaxing massage!
  7. Treat yourself in a small way (paint your nails, read a book, chill out and don’t feel guilty about relaxing);
  8. Use essential oils (diffuse them throughout your house and you will find that your stress levels drop! I swear by them);
  9. Nurture your relationships. Go for tea or visit with a close friend that you can confide in;
  10. Light candles at home and play relaxing music;
  11. Eat well! (Cellular activity actually INCREASES in our bodies when we are stressed, so it is vital that we eat high quality nutrient dense foods to keep us healthy and balanced. Eat plenty of antioxidant rich foods (A, C, E + selenium). Eat your fruits and vegetables!
  12. Support your adrenals by eating foods that are rich in B vitamins (Whole grains, beans, leafy greens, peas and nuts);
  13. Communicate and express yourself (don’t suppress things that are stressing you out. Try to communicate when needed or journal to release thoughts;
  14. Get outside and move your body! (Exercise is a serotonin and endorphin booster along with being a stress reducer and getting fresh air outside helps with re -centering and receiving a great dose of O2);
  15. Get your sleep (7-9 hours daily my friend);
  16. Ditch the stimulants and irritants – nicotine, caffeine, sugar and alcohol all irritate the body and overwork our adrenals.

Remember: You don’t need to do everything. Just try to do one thing consistently and you will notice a benefit.

YOUR CHALLENGE: Try to implement one idea this week to de-stress and relax. Which one will you choose?

Comment and let me know!

1) Take a sheet of paper out and write your daily goal of how you can relax and de-stress (you can stick with one idea or change them daily!).

2) Try to complete this daily goal for 1 week.

3) After 1 week document how you feel and keep the momentum going by setting a new intention for the following week.

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Keeping it balanced,